LiamWallinger-LozanYamolky-HeidiMcCurdy- HelgaParekh with Virginia Gillespie at Word Arts LIVE! 30 April 2017

Join us for an inspiring evening of readings and presentations with Author Liam Paul Wallinger, Poet Lozan Yamolky, Performer Heidi McCurdy, Open Mic Opener Helga Parekh and Host Virginia Gillespie.

Following are brief introductions of our features.

Liam Paul Wallinger
L.P. Wallinger is the pen name of a young man living in Surrey, BC, Canada, Earth. He has a love of tweed jackets, an overabundance of imagination, and a hard time finishing lists. He is the author of DINK: Weird Stories About a Stupid Man, and he is currently working on the great Canadian gravedigging novel, tentatively titled: The Great Canadian Gravedigging Novel. If and when you want more about him, click at the link below.

Lozan Yamolky
Lozan is a Canadian Kurd from northern Iraq who immigrated to Canada in 1995. Her debut poetry book, I’m No Hero was published by Silver Bow in 2016, and she’s now editing her second book. In her teen years, she wrote poetry but kept it a secret and destroyed her poems fearing being judged for having strong feelings. She began reciting and writing new poetry in 2013. She works as a freelance Kurdish – Arabic – English interpreter. In Ankara Turkey as asylum seeker, she worked as an interpreter with UNHCR, Canadian and Australian embassies.

Heidi McCurdy
Heidi McCurdy is a singer, songwriter and multidisciplinary artist. She draws on a global tapestry of influences for her unique style of “Mystic Soul.” In this solo performance for Word Arts Live, she will explore connections between composition and spontaneous song, using singing bowls, guitar, looper, poetry and audience participation as inspiration. Her CD “Fickle Mind” received songwriting awards and was featured on TV and national radio, and Heidi has performed at jazz, wine and world music festivals in Canada and Europe. She also facilitates holistic singing courses and meditations through her business Harmony Expressive Arts. For more info visit:

Helga Parekh
Helga Parekh is a writer, poet and a performer. She has published a self-made chapbook of her poems called ‘Learning from the Timeless Beauty Of a Tulip’ in 2016. Her poems have appeared in various publications including Saving Seeds (New West Writers, 2014), and her poems were the finalists in the Burnaby Writers Society annual writing contest in 2012. She has illustrated a children’s book Ramya’s Stars by Mala Ashok. Helga is a Core group member of Surrey Muse, the Group Facilitator of Surrey Muse Writers, and a member of New West Writers and Renaissance Book Writers.

Virginia Gillespie
sm-virginia-gilespie Virginia is a writer, arts advocate and the Artistic Director of VG PlayRoom, a multi-disciplinary arts incubator with a Word Studio to develop projects and events in the Verbal Arts. She is a co-founder, co-organizer and the host of Word Arts LIVE! series.

Word-Arts LIVE!
Sunday April 30, 2017

4-6 pm, Media Room
Upstairs The Lodge
Alexandra Neighborhood House
2916 McBride Av, Surrey BC

Fauzia Rafique
Virginia Gillespie

Series co-founded and co-organized by Fauzia Rafique

Word-Arts LIVE! is a collaboration between Surrey Muse At Large (SMAL) and VG PlayRoom. We are grateful to the City of Surrey for the 2017 Cultural Project Grant for Word-Arts events, forums and training. Alexandra Neighbourhood House is home base and a strong supporter.

Surrey Muse At Large (SMAL) is a project of Surrey Muse.


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