Word Arts LIVE! – Ages & Stages – Sunday March 11 – South Surrey

The third and the last event of ‘Ages & Stages: Dreams, reality checks and things that go bump in the night’ exploring youthfulness, adulthood and golden years, will focus on ‘golden years’ with Author Virginia Gillespie, Poet Candice James and Performer Harvey Ostroff.

An author, a poet and a performer will contemplate on the theme of ‘golden years’; and, there’ll be time to discuss, to linger and to savor each presentation. The event is FREE. Donations are welcome.

Word-Arts LIVE!
‘Ages & Stages: Dreams, reality checks and things that go bump in the night’
On Golden Years
Sunday March 11, 2018

Author Virginia Gillespie
Poet Candice James
Performer Harvey Ostroff
Host Sana Janjua
Discussion Facilitator Fauzia Rafique

3-5 pm, Media Room
Upstairs The Lodge
Alexandra Neighborhood House
2916 McBride Avenue, Surrey BC

For more information, contact
Fauzia Rafique surrey.muse@gmail.com
Virginia Gillespie vgplayroom@gmail.com

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Series co-organized by Virginia Gillespie and Fauzia Rafique

Word-Arts LIVE! is a collaboration between Surrey Muse At Large (SMAL) and VG PlayRoom. We are grateful to the City of Surrey for the 2017 Cultural Project Grant for Word-Arts events, forums and training. Alexandra Neighbourhood House is home base and a strong supporter.

Surrey Muse At Large (SMAL) is a project of Surrey Muse.